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Re: U.S. air show cancels plans to reenact atomic bombing of Japan

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^ Your point is correct and well intentioned, but it could have been made just as effectively without posting the actual racist propaganda or at least posting it as a link or behind spoiler code. We shouldn't whitewash our history by any means, but I'm not sure the TrekBBS where people often post from work and school is the appropriate venue to post it openly. I put it in spoiler code just in case.
That was actually what I thought would be safe for work WW2 era Allied propaganda... my mistake. I didn't post what I thought was the unsafe for work... that being Allied propaganda posters that depict the Japanese as subhuman animals out to violate American women or even worse.

Lets just say its easy to forget how in major wars there is often a tendency to dehumanize the enemy and none of the major powers in World War 2 didn't do that to various degrees. Its what leads to some of the worst atrocities of warfare, because once not just the enemy, but their civilian population is thought of as less then human then mass murdering civilians mentally has a tendency to become much more acceptable in the human mind.
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