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Re: U.S. air show cancels plans to reenact atomic bombing of Japan

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I trust you would feel the same when it comes to commemorating in a negative and celebratory manner the long running Blitz on London and the destruction of other British cities including Coventry.
Absolutely not. Due to my longstanding grudge against the British for the Revolution and the burning of Washington in the War of 1812 (despite most of my family not even living in America yet), I would recommend that people go out and dance a jig to celebrate the Blitz and Coventry, because it makes total sense that I would suddenly take the complete opposite position toward our chief friend and ally despite everything else I've said in the thread.

Any other stupid questions?
I knew you wouldn't just say yes, it's not in your nature to only use one word when you think several dozen will do nicely and to top it off, use a petty passive aggressive smiley.
Of course, because there's nothing passive aggressive about asking if I think the Blitz or the destruction of Coventry should be celebrated, when absolutely nothing I've said would imply that. It's actually the complete opposite of the point I was making, so why you even thought the question was necessary is baffling to me.

For the record, it was a question, a simple one and yes, maybe a bit of a misguided one, but one I felt like asking as that little bit I quoted, kinda irked me, and by the way I asked the question, I assumed you may have seen that, but I guess not.
It's not a simple question. It's a very insulting question, actually, and one which ignores everything I've said.

Why on Earth would saying that we shouldn't celebrate the bombings of Dresden or Tokyo "irk" you? It's not even a criticism of British and American strategy in the air war, it's just saying we shouldn't celebrate such horrific bombings and should treat them as the somber events that cost tens of thousands of lives that they were. Why would that bother you?

I didn't list bombings against British targets because I was making a point about how WE shouldn't celebrate OUR horrific attacks on others, even though they were the enemy and the aggressors in the war. I wasn't even including the British as the hypothetical celebrants, even though they also participated in bombing Dresden. I was talking about American actions.
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