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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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The WMD charge is not some sort of grand scheme as you might suggest or some kind of cover-up. It's not part of any conspiracy either.
I "suggested" nothing. You said "there's something very rotten going on here" and suggested that calling it a WMD was an attempt at convincing people that these were more than IEDs and that they might have had chemical or biological warheads. You were the one implying some concerted effort to fool people by calling it a WMD.

As for the above mentioned conspiracy theories I'm guilty as charged, all I can say is that I consider both side's arguments (the governments and the conspiracy peoples) but when I find glaring inconsistencies in the government's version of events or hushing up of certain compromising facts, then I consider the government's version the conspiracy.
But that's the problem. You're not finding anything glaring. You're trying to connect the dots between a bunch of vaguely formed ideas and exaggerations without a shred of evidence, and then when each one gets shot down you simply move on to something new without skipping a beat.

You can call me a crazy tin-foil wearing nutter, whatever you will I don't really mind you know, if you want to ban me fine.
See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. I never called you a name. The worst I said was that your arguments were coming off as foolish. And then you make the completely out of nowhere leap of logic that you're in danger of being banned. WTF, man? We're just having a conversation. You're not going to get banned, for Christ's sake.
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