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Re: Your Favorite Ridiculous-Looking Alien Species

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Human starships have air filters, waste disposal plumbing where they recycle poop into boots, and bring and store prepared food in all that air environment. Why would doing the same in water be any more difficult?
Air is fairly easy to compress into containers and taken along, since what is breathed by humans is but a small percentage of the actual air content. Much harder to deal with oxygenated water. Let's see an aquatic getting about in a spacesuit!

I'd be much more interested to learn just how the heck they evolved to learn to use things like fire, electronics and such living under water. That's the biggest flaw in them I see, though it's possible the other Xindi races sorta forced the concepts on them or assisted in some way.
That too! The whole premise we were given was that the Xindi were on the verge of wiping each other out, but that future species united them together. It suggests they were all at similar levels of technology, otherwise the aquatics would be completely inconsequential... swimming about with no electronic devices and weaponry.

Look at the variety of mammals on land versus the ocean. It just seems like air breathing land creatures are more disposed to advanced technology than sea faring mammals.
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