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So, are you or are you not saying that because "condescension" is what you call a "British art form", Marina (or any other Brit I suppose) gets a pass (for being condescending to fans)?
What I said was
But she's British, and in my opinion from ones I've known personally, condescension is a British art form, even when they're not trying to.
Nowhere does it say anything about giving anyone a pass. I do not give a pass to someone who feels the urge to smite somewhat about the face just because they think said person is showing what they consider to be undesirable behavior. One has never been truly insulted until by the English, who veil their insults in such innocuous terms, the victim doesn't realize he was insulted until a year later.
I beg to disagree, you know instantly if you've been insulted by a Brit.

It's realtively easy to tell when a Brit is being condesceding and when they aren't.
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