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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

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However, you've now moved on from your previous baseless conspiracy theories about the brothers possibly being framed to trying to insinuate that a poor choice of words indicates some kind of grand scheme to fool the public or cover something up.
The WMD charge is not some sort of grand scheme as you might suggest or some kind of cover-up. It's not part of any conspiracy either.

As for the above mentioned conspiracy theories I'm guilty as charged, all I can say is that I consider both side's arguments (the governments and the conspiracy peoples) but when I find glaring inconsistencies in the government's version of events or hushing up of certain compromising facts, then I consider the government's version the conspiracy.

But not all people who believe in conspiracy theories, or alternative explanations about the workings of the worlds, are mad or are lonesome people glued to a computer screen with no life. A lot about how the economy, money itself and the government works is not commonly know or has been falsely taught. There's a lot of information out there (from extraterrestrial visitors, the power of the human mind, the optimal currency system, to evolution and more) and you have to cherry pick it and sort out the legitimate from the crazy, the illogical from the reasonable. Which is made all the more harder as you fight off ones cognitive bias in a search for the truth.

You can call me a crazy tin-foil wearing nutter, whatever you will I don't really mind you know, if you want to ban me fine. IDIC and all of that really does exist, and there is a logic and reason for nearly everyone of the woes and problems afflicting this planet, plus an answer out there already (multiple answers for humanities eventual evolution from this prison we've imposed upon ourselves). A fraction of the conspiracy theories out there give you a glimpse to that answer...
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