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Re: NASA finds more planets that could support life!

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Actually we're more in the middle of the galactic disk than the periphery. The percentage of stars that could support habitable planets is probably lower the closer you get to the center due to the greater threat from supernovae and other astronomical hazards, but the numerical density of stars closer in is sufficiently greater that the lower percentage still probably adds up to a greater number of habitable worlds. But that is, of course, just our current best estimate, which could be revised upon further discoveries. Words like "truth" are too absolutist for a subject we know so little about.
Most of the images I've seen from university sanctioned sources puts us more towards the periphery than the center, like here: University of Alaska. The truth is that the further we are away from the higher density of solar systems with planetary bodies, the lower our chances of being within reach of habitable worlds. Simple matter of odds. Believe me, I wish we were closer...
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