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Then there's the infamous "rare color copy recently unearthed" of "The Cage" which, I'd bet my manuals on, was a colorized version of the B&W footage from the hybrid reconstruction, right down to the drop in audio quality!
The master color 35 mm negative of "The Cage" was cut into the master negative of "The Menagerie" in 1966, and the trims not used were subsequently lost. No color or 35mm print of "The Cage" was known to exist, only the black-and-white print owned by Gene Roddenberry, who continued to exhibit the footage at various Star Trek conventions throughout the '70s and early '80s.
In 1987, film archivist Bob Furmanek discovered the missing trims from the color 35 mm negative of "The Cage" at a Hollywood film laboratory, and saw that they were returned to Paramount. However, the soundtrack trims were not found. When restoring "The Cage", Paramount used the soundtrack from "The Menagerie" for most scenes, and the soundtrack of Roddenberry's 16 mm print (which was of lower audio quality) for the restored trims. The mixing of sound and picture quality for the episode caused controversy in some fan circles, in that some viewers believed that the existing black-and-white footage had simply been colorized, even though this was not the case.
There's also the fact that colorized black-and-white film blatantly looks colorized, because it's basically just a tinted black-and-white image, and the shading of things looks different, because the shadows are just gray underneath a color tint rather than an actual changed color/hue. It doesn't look the same as actual color footage. The full-color version of "The Cage" is definitely genuine color film, not colorized.
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