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Re: Reports of explosions at 2013 Boston Marathon

Now this is going to seem strnage but bear with me. I seem to remember some mysterious booms reported late at night over the last year or so. Now most of these are mine bursts, trains coupling on rail-yards, etc.

Now I seem to remember how folks who study sprites and blue jets actually used a computer program that some ufologist concocted, so it shows how even the oddball element may be useful.

I can't help but think some booms across the country might be dry runs of similar two man cells. A plot to bomb trains in Canada was foiled recently, so I cannot help but wonder.

Infrasound arrays would tell the difference between IEDs train cars and mine bursts.

I did say IEDs right, a recent talk radio caller kept calling them IUDs.

Yeah, those are nasty--I took a Dalkon shield right to the face once when...oh never mind
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