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Re: Your Favorite Ridiculous-Looking Alien Species

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Totally ridiculous. Is the Xindi-Aquatics. Whales with humanoid faces. WTF?
Glad you brought that up, because that's the exact same thing I thought when I first saw the Aquatics. Interesting idea, the "carting around a vast water supply in a spaceship" analogous to how we need to bring air with us in space, but oh so impractical... the added mass, you know, among other problems (like waste, food, etc).
They were more like manatees than whales, I thought. Makes the faces much easier to swallow.

And it's not just that they have ships filled with water, but big, open spaces filled with water! Do they really need that much room? Maybe they don't need crew quarters and such, but that just makes it even worse - they could just shrink the ship that much more.

As for the waste and food, they are aquatic creatures, so they would be used to swimming in each others' wastes and food scraps. Their water is rather yellow...
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