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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

Unfortunately, you're not wrong... It's this trend or pattern I've seen in TV and especially movies... Overuse of CGI, more emphasis on Visual rather than on, you know, Plot, Writing, Acting... It's all about chucking explosions in the audiences' faces every couple minutes to keep their brains alive... Over the past decade, I've seen some of the worst so-called Sci-Fi films and series; they're all pretty much kids flicks with over-the-top action scenes, one after another (and with frames apparently Missing to speed them up so you don't know who or what is fighting who or what!)... Science Fiction is becoming more aligned with cartoons and comic books than good stuff... I think the only half-decent "intelligent" SF film I've seen in the past decade was "Moon" and, being so low-budgeted, it hardly saw the light of day...
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