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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

You know it is dumb when even Moore starts complaining about Seven's wardrobe.

All that said, that outfit has to go! I just donít know how else to put it. How can you really take her seriously in this getup? If you want to posit a future where we wear our sexuality on our sleeves, where itís very open, and no one is put off by people being very sexual, thatís great. Thatís very much in tune with how Gene saw the future. The rest of Voyager is not like that.

Nobody walks around with an outfit like that on the ship. You donít go down the corridor and see some woman strolling by in a bikini on her way to the holodeck, which would be perfectly plausible. If you are really going to have the holodeck, and you are going to have beach parties down there, every once in awhile you should see somebody just strolling to the beach, doing their thing, guys in Speedoís, or whatever. If you want to play that, play it, but to just have Jeri Ryan do it because Jeri Ryan is voluptuous and gorgeous and appeals to a certain demographic, is ludicrous! Nobody really wants to touch that. You bring it up in a meeting, ĎSheís a beautiful woman; weíll let her look beautiful.í Yes, she is a beautiful woman. I donít object to that. But walk her onto the bridge, and tell me that the audienceís eyes arenít watching her walk onto the bridge. The original series did it all the time, but that was of a piece; it was of its time; it made sense in context. Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] could walk around the bridge in a miniskirt, and in the Ď60s nobody thought that was completely insane. That was just part of the era that show was produced, and people accepted it.

Seven of Nine, what are you thinking? It kills me, and it was always just vaguely embarrassing when you would have to do serious scenes with her in the room. You are just sitting there thinking, ĎWell, you essentially have this naked woman at the table.í Everybody is just supposed to pretend like that is okay, but you donít play anyone else like that. Why doesnít Janeway come to the bridge in a halter-top one day. Seriously, why doesnít Tom [Robert Duncan McNeill] where hot pants periodically. The characters donít act that way. They donít were their sexuality on their sleeve except her. Iíll even go one more.

Letís say that given all that, you still say: sheís a Borg; sheís expressing herself in a different way than the rest of the crew. She is shaking them up a little bit, and she is not afraid of her sexuality, or her impact, or the way she looks. Why isnít she sleeping with the crew? Why isnít she like jumping into bed with Chakotay, or jumping into bed with Tom, with anyone? If you are going to do it, do it. Otherwise, itís just eye candy with no content.

It doesnít mean anything. Itís just a way to watch her walk around the bridge. Itís a disservice to Jeri, because she gets the brunt of it. Sheís the one that has to answer the questions about the costume, and has to defend it, and has to talk about that it doesnít really bother her. It may not bother her, and thatís fine, but I think it does a disservice to her, and to her character, because itís the primary characteristic of her character, and thatís unfortunate.
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