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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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I just don't see a new series anytime soon, and IF there is a new series, I don't see it resembling anything that's been put out up to this point. I believe we will get one or two new Abrams films, and maybe 1080p remasters of all the existing series, repackaged a couple of more times before dvd's and blu rays go the way of the dodo bird, A few more books, a few more DST toys, and that's it really, it'll be like it was in the 70's again, kinda underground. We will credit Star Trek with things sure, but people's perception of what the future will be like is changing. I don't see these latest films as a resurgence that will power Star Trek for another 50 years. The masses will have forgotten these movies within five years (and that's if the next film is good). I believe that trek is at it's creative sunset, these next couple of movies I honestly believe will be it for new trek. Just my opinion.
In the 1970's, Trek was seen as a failure. That's why there was a complete absence of new Trek, save for the animated series.

However, ST09 was an absolute blockbuster success. If Into Darkness provides similar results, and a third film does the same, there is simply no way we're going to see a repeat of the 70's. Film and TV studios simply do not see three major blockbuster successes in a row and then say "well, let's take a break for a while."

I just think audiences are vastly different now, too short attention spans, I agree with an above poster in that networks will resort to sleaze television, (Ghetto Drama Talk shows, Lets get some douchebags drunk in a house and see what happens shows, and American Idol type shows) but like I said, this is all my opinion, I could very easily be wrong. If a new trek series comes out and it is successful, I will happily live with my wrongness.
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