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Re: Game of Thrones 3.4 - "And Now His Watch Is Ended" - Rate and disc

Ooh, that was a good Thrones episode - the Dany/slavers storyline went *exactly* how I predicted it would last week - I wonder what's Valyrian for "yippee-ki-ay, motherfucker"?

Nice to hear Varys's story from the second book, and his scene with Diana Rigg was great. And Charles Dance fucking rules, as always. (Actually, I'm wondering how they're going to go with who's responsible for Joffrey...)

Mind you, I also notice Rory McCann has totally given up on trying to hide his accent as the Hound! He was very Scottish tonight...

That last scene would have made a fantastic season finale scene - and I hope that music track is going to be on the season 3 soundtrack
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