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Rom is smart... he's just dense and naive as all heck. Nog not wanting to end up like him made perfect sense. But despite it all Quark does care for his brother. This shines through often enough and Rom gets a few snippets to rise to greatness in the next three seasons. I still scratch my head at how his character arc ended but... I guess that was the point. You'll see.
I see Rom as the type of person that wants to please everyone (probably because he's just so awkward). If it pleases his brother that he's an idiot, he'll play the fool. If it pleases the Nagus to pull Nog out of school, that's what he'll do. If it pleases Moogie that he be a feminist, he'll be a feminist (she's the one he wants to please the most). It's due to the example of Nog, and the others on the station, that he learns that's not all there is to life - he can please himself, too.

Nog is a lot like his father that way, but with one key difference - he wants to impress others, not just please them. It starts out with petty crime and stuff, because kids are dumb, but we know how he ends up.
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