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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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. . . It's like when people say "more unique." Impossible! "Unique" is an absolute state, it is not subject to gradation.
If "a more perfect union" was good enough for Thomas Jefferson, it's good enough for me!

Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
I once saw an ad for an "exclusive all-inclusive" resort . . . "
That reminds me of the famous quote that may or may not have been spoken by Samuel Goldwyn: "Include me out."

What I can't stand is business-speak. Synergize, incentivize, value-add, actionable, coopetition. ICK.
Aaaauugh! Every time I see the word "incentivize," I want to scream at the person who used it. "Why the ugly neologism? What's wrong with encourage, persuade, or motivate? And "disincentivize" is even worse.

"Coopetition"? That's a new one on me.
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