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TAS is pretty damn cool, and no Trek DVD collection is complete without it.
But there's something seemingly wrong with the TAS DVDs I watched... I don't know what term to use... Colorization? No, Color Correction? Maybe... Either that or my chromatic memory is going...

You see, as I recall the old TAS episodes, numerous ones had goofs like Kirk wearing a Red uniform at times... In this DVD release he's wearing the standard gold uniform... Maybe it's me or maybe my old TV set needed adjustment...

Paramount throws these things at us from time to time... Take for instance a release of "City on the Edge of Forever" a couple decades ago... The famous theme music in that was edited out and replace with, well, a kind of generic rambling piano piece... I thought I was losing my mind, of course...then I investigated and found out that there were certain Legal issues in regards to it (and for once, Harlan Ellison didn't even have his slimy hands in it!)... It was eventually put back in...

Then there's the infamous "rare color copy recently unearthed" of "The Cage" which, I'd bet my manuals on, was a colorized version of the B&W footage from the hybrid reconstruction, right down to the drop in audio quality!
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