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King Daniel wrote: View Post
The Animated Series is mostly awful, but I love it nonetheless.

If you enjoy "bad" episodes of Trek, buy and enjoy. If not, give it a miss.

NightJim wrote: View Post
I know the studios don't consider it canon, but I've wondered how much was actually contradicted.
No more than how the other Trek series' contradict each other (see the videos in my sig for some examples)

Of the top of my head, "The Magicks of Megas Tu" directly contradicts Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (in the former, the Enterprise explores the centre of the galaxy, in the latter "no one has ever made it to the centre of the galaxy") and "The Slaver Weapon", being a Trekified rewrite of the Known Space short story "The Soft Weapon", doesn't fit with the modern Trek chronology. Sulu talks about four Man/Kzin wars, the last of which was 200 years prior to the episode - which would be about the time of Star Trek: First Contact.

There have been some huge nods to TOS in live-action Trek:
The young Spock scenes from 2009's Star Trek were based on those in "Yesteryear" - some parts copied word-for-word.

The Sehlat seen in "Yesteryear" would be mentioned in, and then crop up, in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Kor's old ship which he talks about in Deep Space Nine is the Klothos, from the animated episode "The Time Trap"
I read one of IDW's TOS series and they had Arex in it, and I loved that TAS put two very alien looking characters on the bridge, even if one of those was a cat lady.
Also, Arex and M'Ress, transplanted to the 24th century, have been a part of Peter David's Star Trek: New Frontier novel series since the late 90's.
Yesteryear was also brilliant.
Indeed. By far the best TAS episode.
Did you actually watch "The Magicks of Megas Tu" all the way through? The Megans were paranoid and xenophobic... Doesn't it stand to reason that after they let the Enterprise go they doctored her logs and mind-wiped this particular voyage from the minds of the Enterprise crew? No contradiction...

Regarding "The Slaver Weapon" you should read Treknical history a bit closer... According to the U.S.S. Enterprise Officers Manual (original, black spiral bound edition) the 4 "wars" were more like raids on Sol system... In fact, they Might have even triggered WW III for all we know... Afterwards, after warp drive was discovered, ships such ad the DY-500 were upgraded and refitted and the Kzinti were driven away... Earth had warp drive, the Kzinti had the gravity planer (or gravity polarizer, depending on your source)... The Kzinti are also mentioned in the TAS episode "The Infinite Vulcan" as an early threat to Humanity... And one appears on the Elysian council in "The Time Trap"... Much has been written about Kzinti in Trek if you delve into Star Fleet Battles and various miscellaneous Treknical sources... Such as the Federation Reference Series which states that the Kzinti were being "hemmed in" by the Federation and in the early 2270's some radical elements let loose and started the Kzinti Incursion incident which resulted in Star Fleet ordering the production of more frigate-class starships which inevitably resulted in the Avenger class heavy frigate represented by the U.S.S. Reliant in ST II...
According to Alan Dean Foster's novelizations, the Kzinti are offshoots of the Caitians, much like the Romulans are offshoots of the Vulcans... And we apparently see a Caitian in ST V and also on the Federation council in ST IV... If Humans can exist both in Trek and in Known Space, why can't the Kzinti? Their former Patriarchy is blueprinted on the original Star Trek Maps, also...
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