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Re: When did camouflage become acceptable attire?

^ I deleted a couple of them.

Turd Ferguson wrote: View Post
It's the people wearing pristine, clean camo that's got me baffled. "Put on your finest camo, we're going out to eat! Wooo!" This says to me that they've not done any hunting, and they're wearing it because they think it's cool.

But, the event that happened Saturday was some of the area schools were having their proms. And some boys came in wearing black tuxedos with CAMOUFLAGE VESTS AND TIES. WTF? When did this become acceptable? When did this become cool? But, most importantly, WHY did this become cool?
Wearing it to dinner at a steakhouse is a tad odd, especially if you're not in the military or a hunter. Wearing it as formal wear to a prom is bizarre and sounds like something out of a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

However, like Gebirg said, back in the 80s, camo pants and shorts were fairly popular with teens, especially us punks and slackers. Everything comes back around again.
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