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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

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OH? That wasn't just one days viewing?

My bad.

Yesterday I watched all of the Middleman, the day before that I watched all of the News Room, earlier in the week It took me three days to watch 2 seasons of sports night. I am rapaciously ravenous.

Although 6 episodes in 10 days is still good.

3 weeks per season, when there's 4 seasons means that if you keep pace, you'll tuck it under your belt in 3 months.
I would do something like that... but I have twin two year olds you see... and the TV becomes a battleground even at the best of times...

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Remember in 1991 when TV2 played Blake's Seven 5 days a week?
Was that 1991? I remember it in the late 80s (cos I vividly remember the first 10 episodes of the final series playing five days a week - which obviously only last two weeks - then the series abruptly ended with 'Gold', and then a few weeks (?) later they played the last three back to back, but I definitely watched the finale in my old house, which I moved from in 1989) but I don't remember them being broadcast in the 90s.
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