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Re: U.S. air show cancels plans to reenact atomic bombing of Japan

^ Your point is correct and well intentioned, but it could have been made just as effectively without posting the actual racist propaganda or at least posting it as a link or behind spoiler code. We shouldn't whitewash our history by any means, but I'm not sure the TrekBBS where people often post from work and school is the appropriate venue to post it openly. I put it in spoiler code just in case.

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On a related note, what do people think of seeing the bombing of Pearl Harbor being recreated at various air shows? I've seen this particular display at least twice, and personally (being in the aerospace industry and an aircraft nut), I just loved seeing the old warbirds flying around, both American and Japanese.

There's two things I can think of that would make this an acceptable display in most people's eyes versus the Hiroshima bombing: conventional vs nuclear bombs, and military vs civilian targets. Other opinions?
Also, there's the difference between being the inflictor and the inflictee. I don't see anything wrong if a country wants to commemorate a morally dubious attack where they were the victims (like us and Pearl Harbor), but it takes on a more distasteful atmosphere if you're celebrating something where you were the ones behind the morally questionable attack, like with us dropping the atomic bombs. Even if you feel their use was justified under the circumstances, it shouldn't be celebrated.

Japan celebrating the attack on Pearl Harbor as a great victory would upset many people as well. However, if both sides memorialized it as a somber event without celebration, there shouldn't be a problem. And indeed, that's how it was treated by Americans and the many Japanese tourists when I visited Hawaii. I'm not sure how it's treated in Japan, though.
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