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Re: "Battle of the Planets" (1978 TV) live-action feature remake

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
If there's no 7 Zark 7 I'm out.

IIRC, Zark was an American invention when it was re-edited as Battle of the Planets, to be a "kid friendly" narrator to the story and to fill in space from editing. Like Yamato, there were some occasional not-so-kid-friendly aspects to Gatchamen that had to be clipped. When episodes came in short, they put in the robot (a very R2-D2/IQ-9 kind of character that kids could easily relate to). You'll notice that his blinky lights are generally in synch with the English-speaking voice, as opposed to the dubbed Japanese footage. I doubt he'll show up in the Japanese version, but I could be wrong - a cameo, maybe.

Kind of interesting, anyway. Looking forward to seeing the Phoenix in all her glory. Loved that thing!
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If Princess doesn't flash her panties every other scene I'm boycotting!
This is more likely to happen.
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