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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

I saw the 09 debacle on a copied dvd my brother in law gave me because his buddy burned it for him and he didn't like it. I expect to see this new one in the same way, I will not spend a penny on it, there's plenty of sheeple to do that for me.

P.S. I assume it was burned from HBO, is that piracy? I didn't pay for it, that was my point. I thought piracy included selling things.

Also, I'm expecting the new movie to be another blockbuster. That means a lot more people than "Star Trek fans" are going to see it. Those people that see a movie because it's the latest movie with action in it were the ones to whom I was refering. I'd been classified as a sheeple because I did something other people were doing and I didn't like it either. I apologize if my choice of words was unfortunate. I'm not making another post because Calculon said get back to topic and he's right, so I edited in here. Other people looking just to see any movie because it's something to do will be the majority of the ticket sales, just because of numbers.
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