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"Star Trek: Enterprise" Will Continue Her Voyages

The voyages of the first Enterprise continue within the world of the NX-01 Enterprise RPG. No executives to cancel us. No Berman and Braga to agitate us. Only the limits of our own imaginations and the talents of our writers. Created before the series ever aired, with enthusiasm based solely on spoilers, this free form email-based RP has endured for three and a half years. Characters have come and gone, but our small group of core players are dedicated to the continuing voyages of the very first starship "Enterprise." We have maintained a quality of writing and characterization that rivals the best games out there.

To maintain that level of quality, we need your help.

A permanent player for Ensign Hoshi Sato is needed. A brief history of her friendships with established original characters will be provided. An audition post is necessary.

We are also seeking original characters. If you liked the TNG ep "Lower Decks," then you'll fit right in. Our originals are just as important to the plots as the canons. We are seeking crew members in all departments, from Security to Engineering to Sciences. A more detailed summary will be sent upon membership. Aliens, alien-hybrids, androids, telepaths, cat-suit-clad officers, or red-haired/green-eyed female martial arts experts (you'd be amazed how many we get!) will be rejected outright. The moderators and I will gladly work with you to develop a character suitable for this period of Trek history.

Obvious Mary Sues will be killed on sight. This is not a wish-fulfillment game where the players run amok with the canon characters. This is not a way to Mary Sue yourself into the Enterprise universe. Intelligent, mature *writers* are wanted.

We run all-original plots, but do reference episodes when it becomes necessary to maintain a continuity to the show. We do *not* RP the episodes themselves (how boring is that?). Our current plotline is set during the Xindi arc of season three.

Once we wrap that up (mid-June is our target), we'll be fast-forwarding to the end of the Expanse and the beginning of the fourth season (around the ep "Home."). All new characters will come on board at that time (with the exception of Hoshi's player).

So if you were upset over the cancellation of "Enterprise," and wish to see the adventures continue, join us! You won't be disappointed.

-Kelly, List Owner
"Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker"
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