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Re: The Official "Oblivion" Review Thread

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Maybe we should try to get past the reviewers' effort to crush the movie and consider real questions instead.
I went to the theater. I bought a ticket. That's all i'm required to do in support of the movie. If I'd wanted it crushed, I wouldn't have gone.

Why does 52 leave, just to spend three years searching for the woman who was about a hundred yards away? Was this a plausible route to a satisfying happy ending, or bad plotting for a wallow in sentimentality?
Oh no...the real question is why does a VTOL aerospace craft have a tail rotor when it doesn't have a top rotor to create rotational torque?

You don't care about that?

Then you care about as much as I do about romantic drama.

And Oblivion is not being singled out because it copied one or two movies. Again, I lost count listing all the movies it swiped stuff from in my head. An egregious offender deserves to be singled out and made an example of, whether you like the movie or not.
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