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Re: Evil Dead- 2013 remake

I saw it on Saturday, and I thought it was excellent. Not particularly scary, but then neither is the original to be fair, which itself chose to make it's mark with outlandishly gory effects sequences, instead of deep storytelling and sharp dialogue.

I liked the different take on the story, and the effects were outstanding - the practical effects being a very welcome break from the CGI splatterfests we've had in recent years. It had some nice homages to the original films, and good twists on expectations too.

And as for the possibility of any of it being forgettable; one thing I won't be forgetting any time soon will be the image of the abomination being skull-fucked by Jane Levy's chainsaw, spewing out more blood than the Braindead finale in the process.

I'm also very intrigued to hear that Raimi is working on bringing Ash back to the screen in Army of Darkness 2, and then after the already announced sequel to this film has been done, crossing both stories over into one epic bloody nightmare.

Sounds very ambitious, and I hope they pull it off.
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