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Re: Glee - Season Four

Now what happened with Sam? He was homeless, and I thought a Christian dude too. After his out-of-nowhere summer romance with Mercedes, he is now with Birttney, and acting as stupid as she is (I won't say it to her face ).

As for the Christian dude...I got interrupted when they had the episode where Sam was tempting him in some way...did he actually make some kind of stand this time??? LAst year, when Santana challenged him about singing a love song to lesbians, after saying no, he basically wimped out. There was no visual inner struggle to help him arrive at his decision, basically said "love is love" and enter singing number.

And has Unique in any way talked to Kurt, or even Blaine, for that matter. I know They haven't addressed Unique's sexuality ( as opposed to gender identity, related issues), but not connecting in some way to Blaine? Really? ANd since Kurt & his nemesis life the high school, everybody is now perfectly fine with Blaine and Unqiue? Realy?
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