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Re: Sydney premiere of "Into Darkness"! (no spoilers)

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I'll be unlocking the general Grading & Discussion thread later today to coincide with the Sydney premiere, so I guess the one with spoilers will be pinned at the top of the forum.
M'Sharak, how will Trektoday proceed with the news spoilers about the movie? And TrekBBS? The film will premiere on 17th may in the USA. Trek Brazilis will delete comments with spoilers until the premiere, unless it has a specific article with "spoiler" name.
Well, you'd do better to ask T'Bonz about TrekToday, as that's her bailiwick, but I'd assume that people will receive fair warning that a given article contains or may contain spoilers.

As far as this forum goes, I'd ask that people be considerate of others who might not have seen the movie yet by continuing to keep spoilers out of thread titles and to flag subject lines with [SPOILER] warnings for threads containing same. At this point, those who wish to avoid all spoilers will probably want to avoid this forum altogether; even with most people being careful and considerate, there simply isn't any way at this late date to guarantee a spoiler-free read here.

For TrekBBS generally, I think the usual rule ought to be sufficient: don't drop surprise spoilers for this movie into threads in other forums; don't wear avatars or signatures which spoil important plot points; you know, that sort of thing. Just be considerate of others, really.
Methinks we need a giant STOP sign graphic that accosts you as soon as you visit the BBS
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