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"The Machine" indie scifi feature film (2013)

'The Machine' is ostensibly about a scientist obsessed with building a cybernetic super soldier.
Not to be confused with Vin Diesel's The Machine in pre-production.

One of the more intriguing science-fiction films screening at the Tribeca Film Festival is The Machine. Directed by Caradog James
part of the synopsis from the Tribeca Film Festival Handbook:

Already deep into a second Cold War, Britain’s Ministry of Defence seeks a game-changing weapon and enlists brilliant programmer Vincent McCarthy to research and develop a cybernetic super soldier in a secret governmental lab. When a programming bug causes his prototype to run amok, McCarthy takes his obsessive efforts underground, far away from inquisitive eyes. Soon he has perfected the ideal marriage of human and machine in his ultimate creation, a beautiful and dangerous being that may be the key to ending the endless war, but a sentience stirring inside the machine puts everyone’s plans in jeopardy.
6 stills from the film here.
wow. they do look gorgeous. It reminds me of Splice and Robocop.

exclusive 1 minute Yahoo! trailer [it's a sequence not a trailer]:
Gentlemen Prefer Blond Cyborgs
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