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Re: Glee - Season Four

I've been watching Glee off and on this season (mostly off).

They really need to split the show into Glee, and "AfterGlee". This kinda reminds me of Heroes...where the plan was to switch the cast every season, but they couldn't let go of most of their 1st season cast, and it kinda restrained them.

With Glee, it's way worse. A couple of cameos is nice, but the original cast is STILL the lead.

They've basically ignored all the other characters, other than Quinn 2.0, who basically just the bad side of Quinn, with no humanity. (Like a the Kirk Transporter accident). So that character is a caricature.

And they had all these people go through the Glee project ...and what did they wind up with? Essentially a few cameos, but no actual character developed (at least not one that will take over as "lead" for next year).

As for Sue... I don't mind how she is...Jane Lynch portrays her well.

Ryan Murphy, for Glee, at least, needs to take a note from JMS -- we need story arcs that have trap doors, so even if the characters have some trajectories, they can still switch it up as they see the show develop.

Is there a list of the current glee club roster? I would think that after years of winning, they'd be a bit bigger...or at least have people of different years join (like freshmen)
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