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Re: What discontinued food, snack, or drink do you miss the most?

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I love DiGiorno's Buffalo Chicken pizza. It is getting hard to find lately, but oh so yummy. Mom and I both enjoy Frechetta's Canadian Bacon & Pineapple pizza. It used to be a staple at our favorite pizza joints, but most of them went out of business over the years. (Both are rising crust pizzas, so we only get them once in a great while.)

EDIT: Seems the Buffalo Chicken pizza is no longer on DiGiorno's webite, either.
Even Wal-Mart alternates between having & not having my favorite Digiorno's pizza (3 meat rising crust). They always blame it on the vendor.

That's why I keep 3 or 4 of them in the freezer at any time, in case it's a couple weeks before I can replenish.
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