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Re: The good things thread

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Where should I send him? But make sure he's home tonight.
I'm in Bavaria. Unless you happen to live in Europe it'll be a problem to return him in time. Does he have a brother, by any chance?....
We are in the Brighton section of Boston, actually (less than 10 miles from all the action; walking distance to the capture, eek). And, sadly, he has no brother.

I'll see about daffodil pics when I go out walking today. I will be the woman stuffing a box with an old cable modem in it, into a too-small UPS pickup box opening. Should be good for the application of several colorful idioms.

Saw a male cardinal outside the front window a few days ago. They mate for life and I did not see his missus, so I think he was on the make. I had no idea the roof of my porch was a pickup joint for birds.
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