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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Did she? I thought they said J. Walter Thompson got it.
You're right. I have to watch by "other means" and my computer was having a bit of sound trouble with that particular scene. Stan's middle finger was hard to miss. Ouch.

Still, Sylvia saying she'd "pray for Don" made me want to heave. Oh Sylvia, if you got him he'd cease wanting you after a couple of months, too. A guy can only be "tortured" and angst ridden for so long before he becomes an incurable douchebag. Rachel was the only smart woman when it came to Don. She saw him for what he was before it was too late.

So now SCDP is out of the smaller accounts, too, because whatshisname won't even give them 90 days? Ouch. I eagerly await the day when Peggy's firm does steal an account from Don outright.

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