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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Looks almost dark gray rather than blue, unless he's supposed to have a different color.

Tosk wrote: View Post
I'm actually kind of hoping they turn the Clark & Lois relationship on its head and have Lois be the one to tell him that he needs a disguise to help live a normal life rather than Supermanning 24/7. I would much prefer them starting out with her knowing his whole story, I'm totally over the "hiding his secret from her" routine.
Donald Draper wrote: View Post
Thats not new, it would be ripping off Smallville. Which is the last place I hope it looked for ideas.
Tosk wrote: View Post
Oh, bugger. I didn't know they did that...I gave up on Smallville long before the end (Except for the disappointing finale.) Sorry.
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Even though Smallvile did it first I like the ideas of Lois knowing that Clark Kent is Superman. It is difficult to suspend disbelief with his secret identity anyway so the less they focus on it the better.
Lois & Clark did that when Lois visited an alternate timeline where Clark wasn't Superman.

They also had a conversation that went something like this...

Clark: You think glasses aren't going to fool people?
Lois: You'd be surprised.
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