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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Lenny, did you see this:

I liked it, had a lot of stuf about the models.

BTW, do you have a link to some of the info about this stuff?

That's why it's Treknically called the Achernar configuration of the Enterprise: her final incarnation prior to the Enterprise Class refit... It's not the version presented in the pilots (Constitution); it's not the one presented in the series (Bonhomme Richard); it's a Fusion of these into a bit of TAS, too!
I'd really like to see it, I've heard about those classes, but I didn't know the Enerprise herself was included in there. I love those kind of things. I know there was a refit to put some phasers on the bottom of the engineering hull and I heard about the main warp drives upgraded the first time but not the second time. It also seems the phasers themselves were upgraded as they fired "bursts" in most of the first season then beams in later seasons, (unless that was just a setting).
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