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Re: Your own personal continuity

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So, you're upset because the make-believe stuff in Enterprise and ST XI contradicts the make-believe stuff you read in novels and fanzines? Facinating.
No, I'm upset because the make-believe stuff in Enterprise and ST XI contradicts the stuff in TOS, TAS, TNG, DSN, and/or novels and zines...
That's the same thing. You're upset because one set of make-believe stuff contradicts another set if make believe stuff that you like better. The solution is easy, ignore the make-believe stuff you don't like and get over it.
Not when the make-believe stuff is more logically thought-out, plausible, and neatly compiled...AND supported by lots of other spinoff make-believe stuff over the course of decades... It then kind of becomes difficult to dismiss or forget about the make-believe stuff, and you become infuriated by how it was pissed on, often carelessly because TPTB didn't give a damn one way or another... So I pin the mistake on them!

There are many examples to go around too, not just E and XI... Just picking stuff out of the blue: characters running around in ST VI wearing the wrong rank pins...
Are we supposed to believe that they're wearing the wrong uniforms, are being addressed (rankwise) incorrectly, or that Star Fleet instituted a new uniform rank pin designation change? Likewise in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" in relation to "The Cage" and the rest of the series--the Sciences and Services insignias are Swapped! This stuff is documented in tech books... They got it wrong, who are you going to believe? And what of Lt. Tuvok's rank in V, especially during the first season?
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