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Re: TOS Caption Contest #272: The Caption of Gothos

Spock: "Who bugged my quarters?! I demand to know."
Uhura: "Um, Sir..."
Spock: "How dare they listen in and then transcribe our intimate moments together!"
Uhura: "Mr Spock!"
Spock: "How dare they spread the vicious, but accurate rumour, that making love to you is like riding a bucking bronco!"
Uhura: "SIR! This is a transmission from a planet 34 light years away."
Spock: "Oh. Well. Yes, of course it is. Carry on Lieutenant."

DeSalle: "What do you think, Doctor?"
McCoy: "I think we should take off their pants and leave them in a compromising position."
DeSalle: "Their condition Doctor?"
McCoy: "Haven't the slightest. I was just checking to see if they were faking it, and no, Sulu didn't smirk."

Uhura: "Well this is a first."
Ensign Blondie: "Never been greeted by a gentleman before?"
Uhura: "Not with a French kiss to the knuckles."

Alligator: "Well, I've been used as a surfboard by Ace Rimmer in Red Dwarf, starred in Eraser, Live and Let Die, and I've made my cameo in Star Trek. Now to figure out a way into the Matrix movies..."

Trelane: "You stand charged with being a dangerously savage race. How plead you... oops, got this mixed up with my Uncle Q's...."
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