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Re: Kirk Enterprise - the Enterprise(a)?

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Maybe, but I don't think so. It could easily just as well be another Connie name Enterprise.
Actually they probably would. In TNG and Enterprise, the displays of "Ships Named Enterprise" always included the current version. So it's likely they just stuck the pre-refit configuration of the 1701 on the monitors for the same reason. Or them being monitors, they just scroll through the history of ships named Enterprise as a screensaver.
Yes you're right, but that is the current version of the Enterprise D. In TMP they didn't display the refit version.

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I didn't say that the TOS Enterprise NCC-1701 and the TMP Enterprise are different ships. I had said that the TOS/TMP Enterprise were a different ship of the Connie that was in the photo.
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So if I'm understanding you correctly now, are you implying that there was another TOS Connie Enterprise before Kirk's TOS Connie Enterprise? That's even more unlikely.
Yes I do. And I also believe that the USS Constitution NCC-1700 isn't the prototype but a replacement of the prototype. I also believe that the Connies had enter into service a few years after the Federation was founded, between 2162 to 2170.
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^^Although it does fit with Countdown to Darkness showing that there was indeed another Enterprise which really similar to the Constitution design likely before the 2233 timeline split.

However, I agree that the ship on the rec room's wall in TMP is the pre-refit Enterprise 1701. That's obviously what it was intended to be and the only improvising they did for other starships named Enterprise was the ringship.
Actually I've never had believe that the ship on the rec room wall was pre-refit of the refitted Enterprise, but was another ship.

In the real Star fleet, there would had been a starship name Enterprise, that was in service between NX-01 and 1701.
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