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trailer debuts

the film's first trailer, which won't play in theaters until Star Trek Into Darkness opens next month. Unlike other major franchise launches, the trailer did not hold back on giving fans a great deal of what they want to see: The zero gravity Battle Room; several battles with Bugger ships; the Maori facial tattoos on Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), etc.
First Trailer For “Ender's Game” Debuts At CinemaCon

Other things we caught in the trailer: Ender saying a very tear-filled goodbye to his sister, Valentine (played by Abigail Breslin). A shot of a group of kids playing baseball in a cold space station hallway while Major Gwen Anderson (Viola Davis) asks, "you don't see them as children, do you?" A few shots of a Formic planet that is red, sandy and full of giant, jutting mountains. It looks like there's a base set up inside the mountains.

next month we'll see the trailer May 17.
Card warned fans of the book they should not expect to see a completely faithful adaptation when they buy their movie tickets in November. Subplots like Peter and Valentine’s Internet personas are rumored to be absent from the film.
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