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Re: What is "canon?"

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Know why? Just as Abrams isn't a Trek fan, he's really Not a Star Wars fan either--that is, he'll watch the movies but won't touch the books...
We're all lucky to have you here to confirm how we rate as true fans...

Seriously, the 'expanded universe' of Star Wars has grown into complete rubbish. I truly hope Abrams ignores most/all of it and saves Star Wars in the way that he transformed Trek fandom - for the better!
And I am So glad that you appreciate my wisdom to consider me lucky to have around!

You have a funny way of using the word "saves"!
Maybe J.J will bring back Jar-Jar?
If He does it, it's gotta be great!
(And if J.J. were a little bit older, I'd also believe that he was named After Jar-Jar Binks!)...
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