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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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Because the way the romulans were painted, war is inevitable.
And since despite this there has been no war, the Feds appear to have made a fantastically successful deal here.
That would be a fantastically idiotic deal.
Surviving the voluntary fall from a skyscaper gives no one the right to brag about how smart he was. Or how successful (aka positive result achieved by one's competence).

Writers-induced ridiculous luck gives no one a free pass with regards to incompetency and suicidal appeasement (meaning, the writers depicted the federation leadership as incompetent and suicidal).

the UFP "gave up cloaking" and continued to cloak nevertheless"
Except they continued to nothing.

The idea that cloaking would confer a great strategic advantage seems quite off base.
This is worthless as an argument because:
-it requires us to "forget" real world stealth technology and its advantages
-it requires us to be idiotic - as it was depicted in star trek, cloak IS a major advantage (an obvious conclusion reached by only a few deductions)
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