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Re: Cover & Blurb for Dayton Ward's "From History's Shadow"

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^The final scene of T'Pol holding T'Mir's purse makes it pretty clear that the story was true. No doubt the Vulcan is Mestral, and that's a cool connection.
I meant the episode was playing it up the ambiguity as to whether it was a true story or not until the ending. Or I could be remembering the episode incorrectly and it was never played that way, but for some reason I thought they couldn't figure out if it was a true story and that was part of the episode.
At the end, Archer or Trip ask T'Pol if the story actually was true, and she just answers with a vague "you asked me to tell you a story." They then jump to T'Pol in her quarters with the purse. Whatever ambiguity there is is short lived.
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