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Re: Was anyone else expecting some big reveal with the Breen?

Who says Worf knows any means of seeing through a breen suit?
You model for why he speaks of eyewitnesses requires him to know of such a means, at least.

His knowledge of such things, or lack thereof, isn't of much help in tackling the central problem of the dialogue, though. Worf should know of what Kira did, and if he does, then "Breen=mystery" is wrong at a very fundamental level. Urban legends, abstract ideas and ancient Klingon history may contribute to the subject, but why is Worf bringing up such things when he should be discussing what Kira saw? All the more so because Kira saw it when Worf was already on the station but Ezri wasn't yet...

1. It's obvious the writers changed their mind about the breen in late DS9; why do you keep acting as if someone contested this, Timo?
Because your side of this discussion appears to be that "Breen evaporate" somehow is a great unified theory that makes confusion go away or at least diminishes it - while it actually makes things worse and highlights the lack of continuity in Breen writing. You have contested mind-changing as a valid explanation for what we see, and I agree with you 100%, because I'm a sucker for continuous fictional universes, and Trek usually gives enough leeway for seeing it as one. I just want to point out that the novelists' idea of S:AaB style evaporation is not a valid contender here, or at least not a champion you should bet your fortunes on.

2. Such remarks can be easily explained by disinformation spread by the breen in order to avoid DNA tests, etc.
The Breen can't be simultaneously mysterious and known. If there's reason to believe in mystery, then there's reason to dismiss disinformation; conversely, information will eventually eat away the mystery. When we get two very conflicting takes on whether the Breen are a mystery or a known quantity, we have to wonder about the quality of our informants. And indeed we might be best off thinking that Worf and Ezri in this particular episode are the ones wildly off base, what with their exotic situation of captivity and all. Perhaps it's Klingon guile?

Timo Saloniemi
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