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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Last Week
First off the gatefold covers all pretty much suck.
Justice League #19. A good mystery, Batman still lying to team mates, Cyborg serves no useful function, I like the new Atom.
Vibe #3 was interesting as we continue to explore the limits of his powers. The Kid Flash reveals were pretty cool.
Supergirl #19 was good this week for one reason and that was the return of the Boob window for Powergirl. Hopefully her costume now created by the Kryptonian replicator will be indestructable.
Batwoman #19. This book is always interesting. I dont always like it but it is interesting.
DC Universe presents #19 Picked this one up just for the cover which had the Flash on it. The less said about the inside the better.
LSH #19 Did not realize that the Emerald Eye could be that violent and destructive. The Eye is one of my favorite LSH villians and was used well here.
Wonder Woman #19 The story moves on and is being well handled but nothing much happens in this issue except we pick a name for the baby.

This week
All Star Western #19
Injustice Gods Among Us #4
Justice League Dark #19
Katana #3
Superman #19
Teen Titans #19
The Flash #19
The Fury of Firestorm #19
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