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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

What's interesting about The Way Back is how much time they take to establish Blake and his world, plus the only other recurring cast members we meet are Jenna and Vila, and then only briefly. I doubt the new series will be so leisurely.

My favourite moment in Space Fall (which is a great episode) has to be Gan telling everyone to drop their which point Vila drops his gun

Cygnus Alpha is also a good episode, like you say though Vargas appearing on the ship is a bit odd, although I still assumed he came on board first, just to a bizzare second teleport pad! I think this is a good Jenna episode, because it sets out her position very clearly. She won't run at the first sign of Blake not returning like Avon will, but neither will she follow blindly (at least not at this stage).

Time Squad is a bit meh, mainly worthwhile for introducing Cally.

The Web is in a tie for worst episode ever with Animals for me

Seek, Locate, Destroy is a good intro for Travis and Servalan, and I like that Blake turns Travis' own tactics against him ("I got here first").
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