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Re: The good things thread

Snaploud wrote: View Post
I've fully moved into a beautiful new apartment rental with a short commute to work, and I'm getting married soon.
Congratulations!!! =)
jespah wrote: View Post
Where should I send him? But make sure he's home tonight.
I'm in Bavaria. Unless you happen to live in Europe it'll be a problem to return him in time. Does he have a brother, by any chance?
Sector 7 wrote: View Post
More importantly, where do you live? and is he single? or can I come over just to watch?
1 hour drive from MUC airport. You're welcome to stay with me for a bit. Or I could try to take a photo of him next time he's out in the sun (today it's rainy, though). If you're in LA, I could arrange a meeting, occasionally. He goes there once a year on business. And he's single

Katrine wrote: View Post
I love the sound of geese flying north!
have you heard Muts Swans fly? I think they sound even better! Their feathers give a singing sound, much like that of an Aeolian harp.

My good thing today: the coffee machine in my office broke down just in time for the lunch break - and I always drink tea, heeheee
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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