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Re: Sisko intimidates Worf

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It probably came from when he learned Sisko punched Q. Even deep down Worf didn't have the brass to hit Q as much as he disliked him.
Even Q couldn't believe it. "You hit me! Picard never hit me!
Let's also remember Q went on state that Picard was not as easily provoked to rash action. I say that even though I greatly liked the Sisko character far more than Picard.
Let's also not forget another person that intimidated Q-Janeway. Janeway wouldn't stand for any shit from Q or his wife, and also was able to make his son come to heel when she had to 'tutor' him because his father couldn't.

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1) Sisko punched Q. I'm sure once news of that hit the Enterprise, and the lack of any following visits from Q anytime after that incident, the Enterprise crew (not Voyager, though, since Q was nowhere near as much of a pain in the butt in that show) never, ever imagined punching Q, ever.
As I implied previously when mentioning Janeway, the knowledge of Q passed to all Starfleet commanders meant that he could be dealt with by future ones like Sisko & Janeway.
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