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Re: I could fix it if I just had the part!

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My thoughts exactly.
Since TrekBBS is an internet board, isn't everyone here having "first world problems"? Should the entire board be under the "First World Problems" thread?

In short, if you are against this thread, why are you here posting in it?

We now return to our regularly scheduled thread topic:
I agree that "appliance service" is the better place to look for such parts.
Sorry, I think you missed the point. Our comments were pointing to what we thought of the issue, not whether this thread should actually exist.

I'm no way against the thread, nor the first world problems thread, I have a few things I've thought about sharing, but they're not that big a problem, so meh! I just feel that as the first world problems thread exists and the fact that the OP whinged about the course of the thread and how he wanted it to be different and seemingly similar to the other thread they didn't make, they should have thrown it in there.

As for someone who doesn't have a tumble dryer in his new flat though, I have no sympathy for the OPs problem.

Oh and an aside, are you claiming that no one in the less developed world has access to the internet?
People in third world countries are so lucky they don't have to deal with these problems. - TheGodBen

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