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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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"Guess" and "estimate" are so similar in meaning anyway that nothing is gained by combining them that couldn't be described perfectly well by one or the other. It's utterly pointless.
"Guess" and "estimate" aren't the same thing. An estimate is an approximate calculation. A guess is something you pull out of your ass.

In any case, there's nothing wrong with using the portmanteau word "guesstimate" in colloquial English.

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And then there are the NON-WORDS that are just plain wrong. Like "alot." There is simply no such word, yet I see it several times a day on the internet.
Then there IS such a word. That's how words are created, that's how language evolves.
When the majority of educated native English speakers accept it and it appears in dictionaries, then it'll be a word. Which will be never.
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