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Re: Best female Star Trek Cast?

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You people are always so mean to Harry. He doesn't need to die, he can be the cabana boy. Janeway and 7 need drinks fetched.
Harry can't die. He's the real survivor in the team. Just look at this:

Infected with a fatal disease at the Caretaker's array. (Caretaker)

Executed by poison but brought back to life (VOY book Escape)

Badly injured and close to death (VOY book Ragnarok)

Killed but brought back to life by The Doc (Emanations)

Dissapeared from holodeck and the ship but brought back (Heroes And Demons)

Severly exposed to radiation (VOY book The Final Fury)

Was in a shuttlecraft and ended up in a time stream and brought back to Earth in another reality. Almost killed on return back to the ship when the shuttle exploded (Non Sequitur)

Badly injured but rescued in the last minute (VOY book Ghost Of A Chance)

Deadly injured in an explosion on board an alien wreck. Chakotay and Kes found the away team and brought them back in time, therefore Kim was saved. (VOY book Cybersong)

Almost drowned on an alien planet. Beamed back to the ship in the last possible moment (VOY book Bless The Beasts)

Actually killed when he was blown out in space. Replaced by an identical duplicate (Deadlock)

Almost decapitated by The Clown in an alternate reality. Saved by The Doctor who appeared in the last moment (The Thaw)

Captured by the Nograkh together with B'Elanna and forced to work in a radioactive mine. Beaten up by alien prisoners. Badly poisoned by radiation and close to ram an asteroid while escaping from the mine (VOY book Her Klingon Soul).

Almost died in an underground cave during an earthquake. Injured his knee Saved by Paris and Kes. (VOY book Chrysalis)

Badly affected by long time exposure of psychic vampires but no further damage (VOY book The Black Shore)

Badly beaten and mistreated on a prison planet (The Chute)

Almost killed by vampire women on Taresia. Beamed back to the ship in the last possible moment (Favorite Son).

And that was only the first three years. The guy is invincible and deserves a promotion. The true hero of Voyager.
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